Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why do we sell freezing bases with our kits?

Earlier this year, a woman from Australia just recently sent me this question via my website, and this morning I was given a graphic reminder. When I went out to check to see if any balloons were ready to be opened, I noticed that one of our Ultra-large balloons that I had put out to freeze on our larger ring base, did not get the under liner of plastic.* It developed a slow leak during the night.** What I found was a completely empty large globe with a reasonable crust but it was filled with dirt. Why? The dirt, or anything found under the balloon, can get sucked up inside the lantern and become frozen into the lantern. This is one area where I don't like to think laterally-- I DON'T like dirt in my lanterns.

So the answer is to have a protective layer between the balloon and the ground - we use our freezing bases that protect, shape and keep the balloons from rolling around.

* We don't currently sell the Ultra-Large Freezing Bases with plastic under liners as they are still under development.
** When the balloons are stretched to make larger lanterns, the rubber is weakened and can rupture during the freezing process. This is especially true during warmer temperatures and/or when placed in the sun to freeze. The freeze/thaw that ensues can prove too much for the balloon's integrity.

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