Tuesday, December 8, 2009

High Quality Balloons = Less Stress

When making ice lanterns, I always stress that one can make them in any container. This is very true. I will reiterate though, that one should only use a container that one does not treasure as it COULD crack when the ice begins to expand while freezing.

I think that is one of the many reasons I have always loved making ice lanterns in balloons. By their very nature, they are a one-time use commodity that peels right off when the ice lantern is made. But contrary to common thought, all balloons are NOT created equal. When I am walking outside with my hands filled with 50 lbs of water in a balloon in 10° temps or lower, I DON'T want that balloon to break! A lesser quality balloon has the tendency to bulge (who likes bulges of any nature?), become a blob when placing it on the ground and they BREAK!

So our Extra Balloon Packs and Kits contain premium, heavyweight balloons to make your Globe Ice Lantern experience more successful!

Contact me with questions, suggestions or to send me photos of your ice lantern creations!

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