Sunday, December 20, 2009

Melting Globe Ice Lanterns

The temperatures in Minneapolis these last few days have caused many Globe Ice Lanterns to reduce in size - melt to be specific. But, thankfully, there are several ways that one can extend the life of an ice lantern by protecting a lantern from the wrath of the sun:

1. If possible, display in an area that is shady for the majority of the day.

2. Cover with a WHITE plastic bag during the day.

3. During warm spells, move the lanterns to the north side of a building or a freezer. (If the lantern has become frozen to a surface, a gentle kick [don't break your toe] will loosen the globe. If it won't budge with a kick, put a "Wonderbar" or flat screwdriver at the base and with a hammer, tap to loosen.)

4. During a very warm spell, put the lantern in a plastic bag and bury in a snow bank. The snow will insulate against the heat.

But then again, don't worry. Now that you own a Globe Ice Lantern Kit, you can just make yourself another lantern when it gets cold again!

Pray for cold weather!

Have fun and please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions or to send me photos of your ice lantern creations!

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