Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tying a Balloon can be Challenging

For years my husband has helped me make my Globe Ice Lanterns. For the first 19 years, he was the kind soul who who carried the larger filled and tied balloons outside to freeze. But the benevolence ended when asked to complete the whole process. He never admitted it until later, but he did not like tying the balloons. I understood--it can be tiring and somewhat painful after the 10th or 20th balloon. So when he discovered that he could securely clip a balloon closed with a little clip, the tide turned. Now, I will admit, that he makes more lanterns than I do. The forecast reads a dip in temperature and he rubs his hands together with glee. Downstairs he goes and balloon after balloon is brought outside ready for freezing.

So you see, the "Easy-Close Clips" that we sell with out kits (and separately) should really be called the "Magic Clips", as they are truly the secret behind my husband's new found passion for Globe Ice Lantern creation.

Contact me with questions, suggestions or to send me photos of your ice lantern creations!

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