Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to Make Ice Lanterns? Let's Begin . . .

In order to have a successful and comfortable ice lantern building experience, it is best to know what tools you will need to have on hand to help you make beautiful GLOBE ICE LANTERNS.



When you are dealing with water in freezing temperatures, DRESS WISELY. Put on clothing you normally wear for physical exertion in the winter--dress in layers and remember, “cotton is rotten.” BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THE GLOVES! You will be much more comfortable if you wear globes that are waterproof and insulated to keep your hands warm and DRY. I wear rubber gloves (heavy-duty, large-sized diswashing gloves) over wool liners.

The Basic 7 Easy Steps from the kit:

1. FILL the balloon with tap water.

2. CLIP to seal and place filled balloon on base.

3. FREEZE outside on the ground in a shaded area (best if below 20° F).

4. CHECK after 12-16 hours by pushing firmly on the balloon. If more thickness is desired, continue freezing and re-check in 4 hours. Ice wall thickness varies with freezing time, volume of water and temperature. Do not allow the water to freeze solid.

5. CUT the balloon from the ice globe outside or in a sink where excess water can run out. Separate the ice globe from the base.

6. DRILL* a hole (chimney) into the top of the ice globe using a cordless drill and the largest drill bit on hand. It is recommended that this step be completed by an adult wearing safety glasses – be aware that ice is slippery, start slowly until the bit grabs the ice.
(*With an Ice Globe Lantern, it is possible to skip the drilling step. If you allow for a lot of air flow from underneath, you can put a candle under an ice lantern and it should create its own chimney without drilling.)

7. LIGHT the candle and place globe over the candle with chimney at top. Adjust the bottom of the globe to allow for effective air flow.

In the posts to follow, I will be offering more information about making ice lanterns of all shapes, but especially Globe Ice Lanterns. If I have not posted the information you want or need, you want to make large globes and/or you bought a kit and need more information, please email me at or call me at 612.964.3023. I am happy to help!

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